Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the event look like this year?

A: During COVID, we are inviting riders everywhere to join us for a month of bike ride and fundraising challenges, with prizes from local businesses.

Registration is free for all participants.

Everyone is invited to participate in weekly and month-long distance, elevation, and time-spent-riding challenges, with prizes from Chainline Brewing, Zeek’s Pizza, Zoka Coffee, and Kirkland Bicycle. Riders are sent a link where they can join the event, and sign up for any & all ride challenges. Riders can use the free Ride With GPS app to track their rides, or sync their Strava, Garmin, or other devices to do so. 

Everyone gets a 7 Hills account with login, and a page on the 7 Hills website where they can set a fundraising goal, upload a photo and some text, and invite their friends and family to chip in towards reaching their goal. 

Funds raised by the 7 Hills of Kirkland in the coming months will keep the Stable Home program funded, and allow us to continue assisting families as the eviction moratorium comes to an end.

Q. I'd like to create a fundraising page for my business, bike club, church, office, etc. How does this work?

A. Anyone, whether they plan to ride or not, can create a public Team Page. All event participants will be prompted to create an account on the 7 Hills website. Having done so, you’ll be able to log in and create one or more fundraising pages. You will be the Team Captain of any team you create.

The best way to invite people to join the team is to send them straight to the team’s webpage. There’s a green “Join Team” button there they can click on to so do.

Individuals on your team will have “Member of Team …” visible on their own fundraising page with a link to the team page. The Team Page likewise lists the Team Captain, and other team members. Donations made on an Individual page of someone on a team, will automatically be counted towards their team’s total raised.

Click here to create a Team Page

Q. How do I get this year's 7 Hills ride jersey?

A. The ride jersey and other Primal Wear merch are attained by reaching fundraising goals of $100, $500, and $1k.

Here are the fundraising goals for this year:

Fundraising Challenges:

Raise $100 for Attain Housing
Prize: 7 Hills of Kirkland Official 2021 Lightweight Arm Sleeves (Primal Wear)
Raise $500 for Attain Housing
Prize: 7 Hills of Kirkland Official 2021 Ride Jersey (Primal Wear)
Raise $1000 for Attain Housing
Prize: 7 Hills of Kirkland Official 2021 Cycle Kit (Primal Wear)

Q. How do I get started using Ride With GPS to track my rides?

A. Having registered to ride and logged in to your 7 Hills account, go to “My Rides & Fundraising”. 

  1. Follow the green button link to Become A 7 Hills Ride Club Member.
  2. Follow the green button link to Join This Year’s Event. 
  3. Follow the green button link to Join This Year’s Ride Challenges.

Download the Ride With GPS App onto your Android or Apple device. The link here will send a download link to you.

You’ll see this year’s event, and all ride challenges you’ve signed up to listed in the app on your phone. 

To start a ride, tap “Go Ride” in the Ride With GPS app, and start pedaling! The application will track mileage, elevation, and moving time to record average speed. 

To end a ride, tap and hold “Pause”. Type in the name of the ride, a description, and attach any photos you took.

Any riding you track within the dates of a challenge you’ve signed up for, will automatically be counted towards that challenge. You’ll be able to see your position vs other riders getting miles and climbs in as the challenge takes place.

Q. I missed tracking a ride I went on! Is there a way to manually add it?

A. Yes! If you missed tracking a ride, your phone ran out of battery, you rode at home without a mileage tracker, or had any other scenario where you missed some miles pedaling and want to add them, you can do so manually by typing in the ride mileage and info on the Ride With GPS website here:

Q. I already use _________ to track my bike rides and mileage. Are there options for Strava, Garmin, and/or my spin cycle at home?

A. Yes! You can sync your Strava account to Ride With GPS, and there is support for Garmin and Wahoo.

You can wirelessly sync your rides and routes across your devices. Visit the Integrations Link here for a complete list of options and how-to instructions:

Wahoo and Garmin devices can be used to record and push ride info to Ride With GPS and have applied towards challenges you are participating in.

Strava can be synced to your Ride With GPS, to have rides recorded in Ride With GPS automatically sync to your Strava account. However, they will not sync in the other direction. Ride With GPS will sync recorded ride data to Strava. Rides recorded in Strava will not sync to Ride With GPS.

Q. I'm a runner and would like to participate in the event without the wheels! Any reason why not?

A. You can totally participate on foot!

You can use the Ride With GPS app or Strava to track your miles, and the Traditional 7 Hills route challenge, 100 mile month challenge, or 250 mile Zoka Coffee challenge could all be great personal challenges to take on for the month. 

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