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Kirkland is the perfect base camp for your trip to the Puget Sound region. Centrally located on Lake Washington just 12 east of Seattle, Kirkland borders Bellevue, Redmond and Woodinville Wine Country with a variety of accommodations close to shopping, restaurants, tasting rooms and lakeside recreation.

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Kirkland Parks & Greenways

Visit our sparkling waterfront parks or hike through our thickly-wooded forests and be amazed at the never-ending wonders you’ll encounter on your journey.

Evenings on Park Lane

Evenings on Park Lane

Evenings on Park Lane is underway! Located in the heart of downtown Kirkland, Park Lane is a destination street known for its bustling nightlife, unique boutique shopping, decadent desserts, and award-winning restaurants. We'll see you there!

Paddle boarding on Lake WA

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Kirkland is a vibrant waterfront destination on the shores of Lake Washington. With an unparalleled blend of outdoor recreation, art, dining and boutique shopping, Kirkland makes a perfect weekend destination.

Just east of Seattle, Kirkland’s charming lakeside downtown is home to award-winning hotels, wineries and restaurants. Throughout the year Kirkland hosts a dynamic repertoire of events spanning art openings and performances to athletic events, festivals and outdoor concerts.

Visit Explore Kirkland’s website for places to stay, restaurants, entertainment, waterfront and parks to enjoy!

Explore Kirkland

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