Setting up Ride Tracking

Getting Started

Visit Ride With GPS at the link here to add yourself as an event participant in the 2021 7 Hills.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll see the 2021 7 Hills of Kirkland listed under ‘My Events’ on the Ride With GPS website.

Download the Ride With GPS App onto your Android or Apple device. The link here will send a download link to you.

Get Pedaling!

To start a ride, tap “Go Ride” in the Ride With GPS app, and start pedaling!

To end a ride, tap and hold “Pause”. Type in the name of the ride, a description, and attach any photos you took.

Options for Strava, Garmin, and Spinning @ Home

Set up Ride With GPS to work with Strava

By connecting your Ride with GPS account to Strava, you’ll be able to automatically sync the rides recorded on the Ride with GPS app, or uploaded from a Garmin unit, to your Strava account. Your rides will upload to Strava with your Strava account’s privacy settings. 

Connecting to Strava requires a free Strava account which you can create here.

  • From the Ride with GPS homepage ( click your profile icon in the upper right, then click Settings.
  • Click the Connect with Strava button
  • If you aren’t already signed into Strava, you will be prompted for your Strava credentials.
  • Click the Authorize button so that Ride with GPS has permission to upload activities to your Strava profile. 

Spinning @ Home with Garmin or Wahoo

You can use your Ride with GPS app, Garmin, or Wahoo unit to record your indoor ride and review your distance, speed, heart rate, cadence and/or power data.

Stationary Ride Support

Note: In order to accurately record an indoor ride, you must pair a speed sensor or utilize a smart trainer to measure the distance ridden.

When you are finished with your workout:
View the ride, then click the Edit link in the left side panel. This will open the ride details page.
Click the checkbox for “Stationary Ride?”.
Then click the SAVE button when you are finished.

Now the ride will count towards your totals, and will display your indoor metrics. Hover your mouse pointer over any of the graphs to view more info.


In order to record an indoor ride with the mobile app, you will need to set up a Bluetooth enabled Speed/Cadence sensor or Smart Trainer.
Under the SPEED section of the sensor pairing process, enter your wheel’s circumference in millimeters. Entering the circumference allows the app to calculate the distance you’ve pedaled.

When you are finished riding; hold pause to end your ride and then enter in a ride name. It is helpful to identify it as an “Indoor Ride” in the title to quickly identify indoor vs. outdoor rides.
Then select your Stationary Trainer or preferred bike from your Gear List.
Tap SAVE to finish.

You can set up a trainer, rollers or stationary bike as a new piece of gear so that you can track your stationary rides by bike in the Ride Center and see a history of rides associated with that piece of gear

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