February 22, 2021

Shifting Gears & Helping Families in 2021

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we are (again) shifting gears for our classic 2021 7 Hills of Kirkland fundraising bike ride.

This major fundraiser will generate funds critical to families in East King County struggling with rent during COVID.

We are calling on you and all our cycling community to join us this May for a month long event celebrating the power of cycling!

We know our 7 Hills riders and community want to help at this time. Joining us this May is how you can ensure our neighbors stay housed during this difficult time.

The event this year will build on the 2020 event, with mileage and elevation challenges, fundraising goals to reach, and prizes from local businesses.

Some key updates: We’ve eliminated the event registration fee entirely, added some more Primal Wear goodies for different fundraising goals reached, and are adding way more prizes and all variety of challenges to compete in during May.

Thank you so much for supporting your community and joining us this year!

-Attain Housing

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